The Reality Is… You Are NOT Alone

The pressure of measuring up to others is insane. Which is why no one should have to! I compare everything I do, to what those around me are doing, in real life and online. Let’s be real, we have been on Instagram and instantly put ourselves down to equaling nothing, in comparison to someone else. It is so easy these days to find one thing we aren’t succeeding in or one goal you have not met, then get into a rage about it.

I have been there and it is not pretty… I see things people have and put myself through misery thinking I need to have all that someone else does. I want to feel the accomplishment and the glory that I feel they are deserving of. I want to take it and duplicate it for myself. Of course without all the work. I like to think that it came easy to them, so I should be angry that I don’t have all the same things falling onto my lap. I realize it does nothing positive for me at all… Yet it seems to cross my mind way more than I should let it.

It can seem unfair that in my greatest accomplishment, someone else could be at their worst possible struggle. That is a part of life I know will never get easier, trying to be happy for another’s success when we have nothing uplifting going on in our own life. It absolutely sucks. I am the kind of person who will be feeling down and hide it from everyone else. I will even tell myself “don’t be a negative person because no one wants to be around that.” I wouldn’t want to put myself out there and ruin someone’s happiest moments with my issues. If anyone is like me you try to be tough and pretend that nothing is bothering you.

I do believe that there is always time for the truth and we should not keep our pain inside, but I understand that struggle of letting your fears cloud your mind. Well let me tell you, eventually it finds a way out. I would feel terrible if I couldn’t help a friend get through something because I never knew it was happening. You will come to accept that sometimes you need to lean on someone else for a little bit.

Can you remember all the times you have had people surrounding you in your SHINING moments. If you can look back and see that moment and how you felt. You know that you can still be that supportive family member, friend, co-worker for them too, through your downs.

The reality is the people in your life are here WITH you. So try to let them be there once in awhile. Do not forget how you are feeling! You have a responsibility to yourself first. So Help YOU! By whatever it takes. This means putting your mind, body, and soul first.

Here is a reminder that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. There is a lesson you can take from your best moments to the absolute worst ones. In all the good and bad you are never alone. So as soon as you start hating on yourself for not looking like the next person, or having their awesome job, or cute dog…. Remember to take a step back and not evaluate every little detail of your existence. We are all human and we are all going to hit our own ups and downs. Keep your support team close by and help each other through all of the pretty and not-so- pretty occasions.