New Orleans, Day Trip!

It all started in a plane. In the galley, thinking of all the cities we wanted to see. Places not too far that we could get away to, for just a day. Somehow it happened sooner than I thought. After about a short week, myself and two of my good Flight Attendant friends made our way to New Orleans. We had the same amount of time off work (only a couple days) and decided it was worth trying to get there. I say trying because you never know what flight you will make it on when you non-rev. Which is how we can travel, only when there are open seats on flights. Our plan was to get there around Eleven o’clock in the morning and then stay out all day and night until about Four O’clock in the morning. Yeah, less then 24 hours there! Then we would head back to the airport and hopefully sleep on the flight home. Our plan started off great and we got on the first flight out that morning with great luck and made it in time for some breakfast!


The Uber dropped us off at Cafe Du Monde. Its a go- to stop when your in the French Quarter. Its an old French style cafe that has been around since 1862! They have fabulous coffee and french style donuts called Beignets. They are covered in powdered sugar which is my favorite part. Another thing that makes this a place you need to visit is that its open 24/7!


St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest in the US! It is truly gorgeous inside and out. Its a National Historic Landmark. It Takes your breath away when you see it. It is in such a charming area to walk around.


After Some Peaceful walking around the French Quarter we worked up an appetite. We headed to Pat O’Brien’s for lunch and to quench our thirst.

Of Course we had to try a Hurricane, and I might say I’ll be heading back soon for another one! There is a very cute patio with a fountain to sit by. This restaurant has it all! A bar inside and even another room for entertainment too! The outdoor seating area was my favorite and even comfortable in the warm month of June! We stayed for one or two drinks…

If you’re looking for some true southern Louisiana food here is where you need to dine. Mr. B’s Bistro was amazing. An excellent classy vibe inside. Wonderful service and food that is incredible. The style and warm welcome we received was memorable just as our meals. I would say do not skip this on your trip!

Of Course we had to check out the Tourist’s shops! Lots of T-shirts, Masks, and Beignet Mix too. Its amazing how easy it is to find your way around! Be prepared to do lots a walking. You do not want to miss anything people, buildings, it is so interesting!

One Last Stop you don’t want to miss is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar. This is the Oldest Structure to be used as a bar in the US! It has very dim light inside because there is no electricity. You can feel like your back in time. The history can be felt just by looking around, so be sure to check it out in the daylight. Above all the drinks are fabulous and I love the candle-lit atmosphere.


We Hope you get a chance to make it to one of our favorite cities, next time we will be staying longer than a day!

Safe Travels,

Catherine Pillette