Young and GROWING

Let’s just say I’m not a fan of “Adulting,” and all that it entails. We all have some kind of financial commitments, whether that be student loans, car payments, credit card debt or maybe that Netflix subscription that is just getting pricier everyday. To be honest, some days it is so overwhelming I just crawl into bed and try to forget all my responsibilities. I give my parents a lot of credit for being able to take care of themselves, all the household expenses plus each kid, (all 4 of us) and everything we needed. That seems impossible when I’m struggling to figure out all the things that I need to just keep myself in order. There is no handbook for how to grow up. (If there is please send me ASAP!) The only way to know is by going through it yourself. Each of us work at our own pace, and with our own paths. Although it drives me crazy trying to figure out all the important details… We do eventually discover what we need to know. I wish I listened when people gave me the “Heads Up, things are going to get real.”

When you are fresh out of high school there is so much freedom, going out and having the time of your life. All is new and the opportunities are endless. Then year after year you get pulled into the routine of adulthood, the excitement slowly fades. Your 20’s are supposed to be fun, at least that’s what I’m told. While I am trying to live my life… all people tell me is… “Don’t grow up, never get old, enjoy it while you’re young.” I hear these things DAILY from too many people and I want to listen to that advice. It sounds like a great a plan except I cannot stop growing and aging.  No one can!! UM HELLO look at where you are people!!

I am also frequently asked, “when are you moving out, why don’t you have your lifetime career yet, what are you waiting for?” Everyone has an opinion about what your doing. I can’t decide what’s worse…being told you have all the time in the world, or that you are running out of time. Do they think they are being helpful, or trying to give me some positive motivation?? I’m going with neither…. they both give me way too much anxiety.

The only one who can decide on my life choices, is ME. Anyone else can give their opinion, but they do not know the answers for me. The best way to determine how you feel is in your gut. If you want to make new choices then it is YOU who has the power to do so! It could be the biggest change or maybe just something small, but do it for YOU. You are not here to please other people. Yes, I love to connect with others and even ask their advice, but ultimately I have to live with the things I do.

There will be times you do not know what to do next or why you are where you are. I can promise you there is a reason for it. Looking back I can see how so many things were perfectly aligned even though at the time it was not clear at all. I still question the time it took for circumstances to change. As soon as I start to get comfortable with where I stand.. I start anticipating my next move. Although I believe it will continue to lead me in a great direction, I do not give myself the time to let it fall into place. I tend to rush myself and stress about the big picture in these moments.

Time is a funny and frustrating thing. It seems to go too fast in certain moments and then slow in others. There is always something developing in us and things changing around us even when we think that nothing is happening. You never know what the master plan is, or when anything will change. I have become to realize that we are in between different phases all the time and we do not even know it. All we can do is to learn from our mistakes and give our best effort to the things most important to us.  Do yourself a favor and keep moving forward, but remember there is no RIGHT way to achieve the change and growth you want to have. Do not be afraid to take that leap you desire or sit back and enjoy the place where you are at!

Best of Luck Navigating the Unforeseen future, I have a feeling we are all doing just fine.