Why I Pray… and you should too!

What scares you the most.

What cripples you with fear.

What things make your bones go weak.

How will you get past that?

For me. I choose to pray.

Prayer is powerful

Maybe you are like me and have grown up praying and been surrounded by people who are strong in their faith.

Maybe you’ve seen it in them but never felt that you were that important.

To pray and be heard.

To give out all your fears, dreams, wishes, and regrets.

Or maybe you have not had any relationship with God. You have never closed your eyes and prayed.

If you gave it a try I know how you would see yourself and the world differently. You can choose to let go of those fears and doubts and make a decision that will impact SO many lives. The most rewarding feeling is when you see how life changes with the outcome of prayer.

One key to giving your heart to God is to not hold back. You must dig down into the most vulnerable part of yourself and give it all to him. Your passions, failures, thoughts, feelings. Everything that builds you up and breaks you down. It belongs to you and also God. The moment you let him in you will begin to feel at peace. You need to know that no one is required to carry it alone.

It can seem really simple to follow the steps and communicate with him daily. But with all new habits, it can be challenging to adapt. Honestly, I am not the person who is always committed to my prayers. I try to stay in touch with God and do my best to share my devotion to him. For one week or month, I will have a great relationship and put aside time each day, and then next week, there I am closed off again.

Think about your relationships, if you suddenly went silent for weeks would you still have that close bond? If a friend needed you and you were not to be reached in their time of need. Relationships aren’t healthy if they are touch and go. There needs to be a solid commitment. He is that friend that is always there day or night and when we need him he is with us. Even when we are not thinking about it or talking to him. He is ALWAYS for you. If you are not praying, you are keeping that relationship from its full potential. The love and support can flow from him to you. Only if you keep the communication open.

Every one of our relationships would be profoundly stronger and healthier if both sides were communicating equally.

When the doors remain open there is nothing blocking the way of a successful and meaningful bond.

If you have a habit of resisting prayer for whatever reason, I ask you to give it another chance. There have been plenty of times I felt like my prayers were not being heard, or answered in my time. That discouraged me and caused a lot of confusion and emotional pain.

Eventually, I started to see how God was listening and the things that were happening, or not happening all served a purpose. There was always a meaning behind everything. Even when there are times of suffering he is there to help you through. When you are in times of pure happiness make sure you let him in then too. Nothing is too big or too small for him to lend a hand.

When we turn our hearts off to God. Trying to deciding our fates, our empty prayers become lies. We are being indifferent towards him. He knows the things to give us when we ask, and what not to give us. It’s is not up to us to plan it out and think we know best. If we pray without trusting or truly having faith we are automatically doubting him.

This is such a weak way to pray. Doubt is keeping your prayers locked up. If they don’t come from your heart and in a good place with good intentions then it most likely will not surface.

If we want effective prayer we must be praying with faith. With our full hearts, we believe that God will communicate to us his path for us. When you let your relationship grow and you love him first above all else then you are open to having your greatest and deepest desires gifted to you. We can all do ourselves a favor and trust him.

It’s never easy to let things be, but the more you trust, pray, and see the results. That is when your faith becomes stronger and day by day you grow truer to yourself and God.

Don’t give up on life, love, or yourself so easily. Always remember you have the option every day to commit to your happiness and make a difference through prayers.

Believe in yourself, and believe God is with you.

With all my love,

Catherine xoxo

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